Tets Research Institute

Tets Research Institute

But I still want to see what I've never seen before...


For me, "modeler" doesn't mean mere "builder". Design techniques, inspiration, skills and concentration equal to brain surgeon, engineering, project management, art, sculpture, archeology, reasoning and problem-solving ability are needed for us modelers. (Click the images...
" I was studying economics in college and I was just singing. After two years I was just too interested in playing, and when I finished my second-year exams I said I wasn't interested anymore...
  It's wrong to recognize "Peace" as simply "Status without War". "War" is a highly sophisticated and magnificent "System" for the last resort to solve international disputes, as to say outgrowth of "civilization" which is...
  "With all due respect, sir, I believe this is gonna be our finest hour." Said Gene Kranz, NASA Flight Director,  just before the atmosphere entry. From the movie "Apollo 13"    

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