My uncle, Shogo Inoue, is a former Jazz Drummer who learned from Takeshi Inomata, and I, a bad amateur drummer, often ask him some lessons. He always scolds me severely saying “Your cymbal lagato is quite failure ! Doesn’t sound 4 beats at all ?!”. It makes me a bit bad-tempered, but afterwards, the more I think about his lesson, the more I realize the preciseness of it. This is the way professional musicians are, and we must never make light of their “Heart”.

Terumasa Hino, a world Jazz trumpeter, is being blamed for his having used “violence” on a boy playing drums in a Jazz Event for kids.

While each member was playing solo-part sequentially, the boy didn’t stop his play. Mr.Hino took the boy’s sticks away by force, but as the boy continued to play with his hands, Mr.Hino slapped  him on both cheeks to stop him. I’d like to know if there’s any other proper way to deal with this situation. Nothing outrageous at all. I heard that the boy and his parent have already apologized to Mr.Hino and showed appreciation. I hope irresponsible persons wouldn’t go any further into this happening sensationally. It would be the worst for the boy if the Jazz Event itself would cease from next year.

As being talked on Internet, Mr.Hino, and possibly the boy as well, might have watched Chazelle’s great film “Whiplash”. If the boy would become a famous drummer 10 years after, this time’s happening would be a gorgeous episode lighting up his career. Jealous of him.

My uncle is a “naughty” guy, so that he’s currently hospitalized due to alcoholic poisoning. When he leaves hospital I want to visit him to ask a lesson again, with some souvenirs.







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