Nick Millman’s blog “Aviation of Japan”- Literally the most thorough researches for Japan aviation in the world – – Ronnie Olsthoorn’s brilliant and precise 3D & 2D artworks –


Taizo Nakamura’s blog “Meter Panels of A6M” – Taizo’s passionate and incredible restoring works and researches –

Japan Aeronautic Association (JAA) – Including many historical materials on the pages –



Gifu-Kakamigahara Air and Space Museum – Ki-61ii #17’s base -Renewed in 2018


Joe Picarella’s The Cutaway Company – You can find many beautiful and incredibly elaborate cutaway images which make you happy even with just watching them ! More will come soon. –

FB page is here.



Brewer’s outstanding works on his fine Facebook page


When it comes to revetting, you MUST watch the professional works by Juan C. Tomas. (FB page)


Incredible works and tips by Chuck Wojtkiewicz former Lead Concept Artist at Blur Studio

You can also see his awesome works here.



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