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“With all due respect, sir, I believe this is gonna be our finest hour.”

Said Gene Kranz, NASA Flight Director,  just before the atmosphere entry.

From the movie “Apollo 13”



Hands and Feet

“To use one’s subordinates as one’s hands and feet” Generally, this saying means to put excessive burdens on the subordinates only for their boss’s own profit with neglecting their will and health. He is a Monster. But is it true ? As an amateur drummer, I can say that drumming is created nothing but by hands and feet. It’s all determined by how we can freely operate our hands and feet and how we can synchronously(or asynchronously on purpose) move them. Sometimes the thought comes across my mind, “If I would have to lose one of my hands or feet, which one should I choose?”.  Unable to keep beats on …


Dictator in Pyramid

  One of the merits of “Pyramidal Organization” like private company is to diminish the burden of the top management and to utilize the independence and the autonomy of the substructure so that to increase the performance of the entire organization. In such a kind of organization, it must be strictly avoided for the top management to constantly intervene in the terminal members directly, not only because it spoils the unity of the substructure so that it decreases the performance of the organization, but also because it deprives the occasion for the members to tell the truth to their direct supervisor, so that their stresses accumulate to break their mental …


How to win promotion in company

If you want to get promotion in company to some extent, read the face of your direct supervisor carefully. This technique is quite effective when the boss himself has a habit to read the face of his boss. If you want more, read directly the face of the boss of your boss. Unless you don’t like such advancement in such a way.   If you really want to do good jobs, don’t watch the faces of your bosses but just the reality that they are facing, and consider the solution with your own brain and mind. The result achieved through this process will necessarily make your life shine. And, if …


The Most Bureaucratic Person

The most bureaucratic persons in this world is not bureaucrats of public organization but General Staffs of private company. The latter don’t gain any tax or reward from beneficiary of services, so that they don’t have any incentive to be kind to people at all. Personal denunciation? No way ! This is a constructive and logical necessity. この世で最も官僚主義的なのは、公的機関の官僚ではなく私企業の本部部門である。公的官僚と異なり、彼らはサービスの受益者から税金も報酬も貰わないのだから、人々に親切にするインセンティブが無い。 個人攻撃?とんでもない!これは構造的、論理的な必然である。


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