Dictator in Pyramid


One of the merits of “Pyramidal Organization” like private company is to diminish the burden of the top management and to utilize the independence and the autonomy of the substructure so that to increase the performance of the entire organization. In such a kind of organization, it must be strictly avoided for the top management to constantly intervene in the terminal members directly, not only because it spoils the unity of the substructure so that it decreases the performance of the organization, but also because it deprives the occasion for the members to tell the truth to their direct supervisor, so that their stresses accumulate to break their mental health.

On the other hand, from the top management point of view, this means of intervening deprives the presence of middle managements, and diminishes the risk to be resisted by the substructure in a league. Therefore, this is a typical method that political dictators often take.





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