1/48 Ki-61ii (Hien) with teardrop canopy – WIP #15

1/48 Ki-61ii (Hien) with teardrop canopy – WIP #15

When looking back, it’s five years ago when I started to build this Ki-61ii model.

Now someone calls this project a “Never-ending-building”. I’m not sure, but… it might not necessarily be so ?





Started the work for the landing light.

The hole for it looks “Bean”-shaped.


A bit hard to see, but you can see the bulb and the shade. The shade was made with heat-press, and the bulb was scratched out of a clear plastic rod.


The bulb and the shade of Ki-61ii #17 at Kakamigahara Aerospace Museum.


The rear view of the light.

You can confirm how the hole shape looks and the way to install the light onto the undercarriage room.


Tried to represent the mechanism.


Painted the shade in silver and black, and the bulb in silver partially.


Rear view.


Temporarily installed. It might be a bit bigger…


Surfacing on the entire wing again.(The light can be tilted as real one)




Work for propeller blade and hub.

These photos show the set from Ki-61ii #17. As well known, Sumitomo-Hamilton constant speed propeller system was equipped for Ki-61. The red paint was applied after the war, the original remained in bare metal as you can see on the Joe Picarella’s great reference book “Aero Detail 32 J.I.A.Fighter Kawasaki Ki100 Goshiki-sentoki(P.13)”. Very complicated shape to be built as a model.


Firstly, adjust the shape of the blade.


Cut those apart.


Divide the center part in two, top and bottom.


Install the connectors for the top and the bottom (the white ones).



Use brass wires and 0.8mm nuts.



Temporary installation.


Make holes.


Rear view.



Cylinder and the cap for it. The cylinder is made out of a thin straw !


Three balancers.


Add 0.6mm nuts on.


Done. Not bad ?




Front view. You can see how the balancers installed.




Of course, the nose cone can be attached.






Finally started to work for rivets.


So the goal is getting closer or further ? I don’t know yet !


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