1/48 Ki-61ii (Hien) with teardrop canopy – WIP #14

Since I fortunately happened to get some awesome connections with world experts in Ki61 and Japan Aeronautic Association in this one year, I could access precious information about Ki61 ii kai #17 of Kakamigahara Aero-space Museum, and also I’ve even joined the research activity for #17 as well !

My build was going on the main wing work, so I’ve reflected the research result onto my build as possible I could.


  1. Aielron  work


Ki61 has some access panels on the main wing and you can see the aileron rod through the panels.





This is the aileron rod for the center part of the fuselage.



And installed it onto behind the engine.


As this space is for ammunition chute as well, so the rod is covered with ducts to protect it.



Something like this when through the access window.



The access panel and attachment.


2. Hydraulic system for the landing gears


As I’ve done in WIP#13, I represented the cylinders for landing gears as shown below.

But to retract the gear, hydraulic system is needed to add on it.


Made out of brass pipe, plastic rod and solder wire.








Completed after weathered !



From the upper view. You can see the hydraulic cylinder and pipes through its inspection window.


Fuel pipes.


Installed on the hydraulic system of landing gear, along with aileron rod.


3. Access Panels


The access panels for the main fuel tanks attachment. Can you see the attachments through the windows ?

Of course they all can open with hinges !


These are for the windows for aileron rods.


I decided to make it hung with chain.


Rather over-scaled, but not so bad ?


This panel is for the fuel inspection window.




For the fuel filler port.


For the ammunition belt chute box.


Can you see the wires for the wing edge light ?



4. Flap work


On the back side of the flap cover, there are many pipes for fuel and hydraulic system. The longest is for ammunition loading.





Flap retracting arms.



Installed on the flap shaft.



Work like a real machine !


Painting flaps.


And in Yellow Green #7 over it.





Flap can open !



5. Cannon Work


Ho-103 cannon box and ammunition box.


Hydraulic cylinders for Ho-103.






You can see the trigger coil on the left side of the cannon. This is for the left wing so the right cannon has the coil on the opposite side.


Intending to make the panel of the ammunition box able to open with hinge.



Open !


It might not be so well known, but the opening direction of the panel is opposite to Ki61i.


The same appearance with Ki100.


Ammunition installed.


Ho-103 installed. You can see the hydraulic pipes and the coil wire beside that.




Follow me!


  1. 井上様

  2. Tets



  3. Tets
  4. レジンパーツをそのまま使用でなく、五式戦実機との差異をしっかり把握されていて流石です。

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