Mentor Hornworm


Ditching a dreary work as usual, when I was having a smoke as usual at the usual place out of the office, I found a hornworm on the wooden bench surrounding the shrubbery beside the stand ashtray, heading for the bench’s rim slowly and slowly at incredibly low speed about 5 centimeters per minute. He is not so large, but a wonderful hornworm with a splendid horn on the butt.


A man who was about to sit on the bench looked a bit surprised with him and left there in a hasty manner. With being afraid a bit if someone would sit on him without noticing, I threw a cigarette end in the ashtray and left the place.


About an hour later, escaping from a stultifying work again, when I came to the same place to have a smoke, the hornworm had come down to the tile-floored-terrace around the bench’s feet, he’s still advancing slowly at terrifically low speed. Still worrying a bit about whether someone would trample him, I stubbed out the cigarettes on the edge of the ashtray and left the place.


After about two hours more, as I dragged my mind and body torn up by work, when I came to smoke, I found the hornworm had been going away slowly and slowly on the point about 8 meters apart from the earlier place, straight towards the dead end of the terrace. That was a large terrace encrusted with tiles, with no tree, grass and soil in his direction. This must dry him up to die or feed crows with him. On the other hand, to get him back in the shrubbery where he likely had been earlier might kill him with insecticide sprinkled in large quantities.

I thought for a while, confirmed that no one was looking at me, walked close to him, picked him up in my handkerchief and tossed him who’s struggling onto a leave in the area where weeds growing thicker. He was restive for a while, but he disappeared soon. “You will survive strongly too” said I, feeling like I did something a little bit good, smoked two cigarettes with a sternly handsome look on my face, left the place behind.


After an hour more, I came to the place to smoke and looked into the weeds, but I couldn’t see him any more. “You’ve found your last home haven’t you ? Good luck.” said I with a little relieved, tried to light a cigarette, lifted my eyes intentionally, I was shocked to have found him proceeding on the exactly same place as before, at the same slowest pace, but still straight in the same direction as before.


I couldn’t believe it so that could do nothing but just looking at him with forgetting to even light the cigarette, he unexpectedly stopped moving, raised his upper body with a jerk, turned around slowly towards me, and said to me like this in a low voice.


“It’s in vain to try becoming a good person not in your usual way. After all what you do is all full of wrong things. You change the destiny of others ? Thing has limits to be laughable.”


After having said so, he looked forward again, slowly and slowly, as if being guided by something strong instinct, began to go straight on the terrace where the golden sunset was approaching.


In my palm, only his unexpectedly powerful elasticity that I felt when he struggled in the handkerchief remained.


I wonder where the mentor is now and what he is doing.
























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