Ki-51(Nichimo 1/48) WIP #2

Ki-51(Nichimo 1/48) WIP #2

Continuing work on the interior.


Not sure about the way that the radio equipped, I assumed that it was hung with wires from the roof, in order to protect the vacuum tubes in it against the shock.


The arch shaped pipe on the rear office is the indicator of flap’s angle.

The left side.


Instrument panel for the rear seat

I dared not to set the oxgen tank.
Because, if I were my grandfather I would not to want to bring such a heavy object like oxgen tank for the first test fligt ! 😉



Adjusting the vertical tail


All parts prepared and fuselage adhered !


But…a tragedy happened !!!

While I touched the engine I inadvertantly broke the engine attachment frame deep inside the fuselage !


To repair that, I had to cut off the panel…

I decided to make this accident turn to an occasion for detailing up. 😉
So I added some kind of pipes to the oil tank and the back side part of the engine.


The flap room and wires


So let me go to the electrical wiring work.

Landing lights made of scraped acrylic round rods.


Light ON !


Tip light made of optical fiber

Light ON !


Two button batteries and two switches(with one set for engine motor) contained inside the inspection doors.
By chance, they are fitted exactly ! 😀

Lights ON !!! 🙂

The battery and the case are like this.
The case has a spring on the bottom and a clasp to hold the battery.


By unclasping it, can take out the battery easily. Another battery on the bottom of fuselage as well.


Switches are like this. 🙂

The excellent LED set from “HIQPARTS”.


The kit’s landing gear was rather slender, so scratch-built.


Tail wheel



Temporary painting


Armor glass


The tiny object behind the armor glass is the hazard lamp for the rear seat, a bearing ball painted in clear red.

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