Time & Multi-Verse

When you die, your time stops. The situation without time is equal to the situation before the Big Bang of the universe. In other words, when you die you come back to the “pre-Big Bang”.
According to Georg Cantor’s Set Theory, “infinity” has multiple kinds(cardinality), but if “nothing” is only one, it’s impossible to distinguish your death from the “pre-Big Bang”. The two is essentially the same.

You die to go back to Pre-Big Bang, afterwards another Big Bang occurs, and you will be born in another universe.
So called “Multi-Verse Theory” might mean reincarnation.

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  1. Discutible.En el horizonte de sucesos que probabilidad puede tener. ¿Suceso seguro ?.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Carlos.

    SCIENCE has to turn back when facing the “Event Horizon” and has to pass the baton to METAPHYSICS. Though, it’s free for us to believe the thought, and it also can relieve our soul ?